There are a number of carport options available if you’re renovating your home. Carports can be many things. They can be freestanding, or built into a house. They can be prefabricated, or built from scratch. And they can be used to house more than just a car. We look at the options available to you.

The area you have available and the purpose of the carport will change the type of structure you choose:

If you have good access to your block situating your carport in the backyard is a good option. This is more convenient for storage.

The general rule for storing cars is that you need 3.0m x 6.0m of space per car. A double garage, therefore, should be 6.0m x 6.0m. Don’t forget to allow space for larger cars, plus anything else you might want to store.

A carport offers the cheapest solution for a car shelter, and also offers the greatest range of DIY styles.

Although they offer little security compared to garages, carports may be cooler in summer than a steel garage as you’re shading the area but not enclosing it.

Carports can also be expandable, by adding more roof area onto the end as your needs, or perhaps budget, increase. Some carports are even designed so that, should the need arise, they can be enclosed and turned into a garage, with a door attached to the roof.

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